Step back a thousand years into our Viking Village and Marketplace.

Meet Odin, the Norse Gods, Vikings and Valkyries of all kinds.


Viking Village

Visit living, early Viking Encampments featured throughout our grounds. Reenactment guilds such as the Celtic Norse, Drafn, Guardians of Midgaard, Red Hand, Vesterfolk, and Wolves of Odin, bring our Viking Village to life with authentic daily activities. Blacksmithing, fabric arts, fine metalworking, and fresh baked bread from our Viking ovens.


Viking Marketplace

The Viking Marketplace will be filled with merchants offering Viking wares, and treasures brought back from across the seas -- swords, knives, helms, shields, drinking horns, jewelry, and more. Get yourself outfitted to cosplay Viking. Or just take home a treasure or two to remember the day.