Returning Vendor invitations will be E-mailed soon.

Vista Viking Festival will be sending invitations to return to selected prior vendors in the early spring. Vendors invited to return will have their space reserved for a 45 day period after the invitation is extended. After that 45 day period, the Vendor coordinator is free to consider a different vendor for that spot.

New vendors with Viking themed merchandise may contact us to be considered in the 2019 Festival should space arise.

We select our vendors based upon the following criteria:

  • Viking Era Theme merchandise or appropriate as determined by Vendor representative.

  • Merchandise not duplicated by existing vendor

  • Vendor must have a CA resale number.

  • 2019 Vendor booth fees will be paid online after the vendor is approved. A link to the online fee payment page will be sent after the application is accepted.

  • In order to encourage a timely response, the Vendor fees will increase over time.

    • Early Bird (before July 15, 2019) $180.00 single (10x10) $245.00 double (10x20)

    • Standard (between July 16 and Aug 15) $207.00 single $287.50 double

    • Late (after Aug 16) $250.00 single $350.00 double

  • Vendors invited to the 2019 Festival after the Early Bird Period will have 30 days to pay the Early Bird price.

For more information, contact our Vendor Coordinator Julie Pencal at


Vendor Application

In submitting this application, Vendor agrees to the following:

  • Submission of an application is not an assurance of a space. Festival Vendor coordinator will contact those who have been accepted with payment information and further conditions.

  • Vendor must have valid resale license and all associated permits

  • VENDORS ARE REQUIRED TO SET UP BOOTHS ON FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 Friday set-up is Drive on, unload, and drive off. After parking, then set up your booth.

  • Sunday closure and departure: Vehicle is not driven onto premises until the booth and goods are completely dismantled, packed, and ready for loading.

  • We strive to provide the same locations to returning vendors; however, it is not a guarantee each year.

  • Vendor coordinator will contact vendor with further details

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