Vendors for 2019 have been selected.

All of the returning vendors have been confirmed. All open spots have been offered to new vendors.

If a vendor drops out, we will select a new vendor so please fill out an application if you are interested in being considered.

We need to determine which returning vendors will be with us for Vista Viking Festival 2019 before offering spaces to new vendors. Applying through the web site application below is not an assurance of a space. If we have an opening for you, our Vendor Coordinator will contact you directly. All new vendor applications are handled by our Vendor Coordinator. Please do not contact other members of the committee asking to be included.

Vendor information:

  • All merchandise must be Viking Era theme or appropriate as determined by our Vendor Coordinator.

  • We try to limit merchandise duplication

  • Vendor must have a CA resale number.

  • 2019 Vendor booth fees will be paid online after the vendor is approved. A link to the online fee payment page will be sent after the application is accepted.

  • Vendors may only sign up for the size granted by our Vendor Coordinator. If you would like a larger booth than the one you have been assigned, please communicate that to our Vendor Coordinator and she will make a note of it. Should a larger spot be available, she will reassign you and you may then pay us the difference between the single and double space. At this time, NO triple size spaces are available.

  • In order to encourage a timely response, the Vendor fees will increase over time.

    • Early Bird (before July 15, 2019) $180.00 single (10x10) $245.00 double (10x20)

    • Standard (between July 16 and Aug 15) $207.00 single $287.50 double

    • Late (after Aug 16) $250.00 single $350.00 double

  • Vendors invited to the 2019 Festival after the Early Bird Period will have 30 days to pay the Early Bird price.

  • Please note that Food Booth fees are different and handled separately.

For more information, contact our Vendor Coordinator Julie Pencal at


Vendor Application

In submitting this application, Vendor agrees to the following:

  • Submission of an application is not an assurance of a space. Festival Vendor coordinator will contact those who have been accepted with payment information and further conditions. Application is not accepted until this contact has been made.

  • Vendor must have valid resale license and all associated permits.

  • VENDORS ARE REQUIRED TO SET UP BOOTHS ON FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 Friday set-up is Drive on, unload, and drive off. After parking, then set up your booth. Vendor booth unloading should be completed prior to 6pm so those staying on grounds can get a good night’s sleep prior to the event.

  • Sunday closure and departure: Vendors must remain open until the end of the event at 6pm Sunday. Vendors packing out early will not be invited to return in future years. Vehicle may not be driven onto premises until the booth and goods are completely dismantled, packed, and ready for loading.

  • We strive to provide the same locations to returning vendors; however, it is not a guarantee each year. Please be aware that this year’s grounds configuration will be different from last year.

  • Vendor coordinator will contact vendor with further details.

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