Our festival had rather modest beginnings. When the Sons of Norway Norge lodge, DON Hulda Lodge would gather at Norway Hall for Fall Festival. The gatherings were small. A few dozen members, friends, and families. We would picnic under the trees. Food prepared on the grill, or cooked up in our kitchen by our authentic Norwegian Chef. Entertainment and cultural programs were presented by members and special guests. Word spread, and numbers grew. Soon, improvements to the property were made to accommodate increased interest our activities. It became apparent that our Fall event had grown beyond an invitation only affair. We sent out the call for vendors and entertainers to join us, and the Vista Viking Festival was born. Now, thousands flock to the festival marketplace, living history village, and Heritage Hall. Thanks to all those visitors, we are able to consistently maintain, and improve our grounds. Through out t the year, our festival team hone our Nordic skills, and prepare presentations of Norwegian and Scandinavian culture. All to make the Vista Viking Festival a singularly unique destination.


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Norwegian Fish Club Odin

Chartered in 1992, the Norwegian Fish Club Odin serves as a forum for persons who are born in Norway or of Norwegian ancestry or who simply have interest in Norway, its language, culture, and/or history. Our gatherings combine cultural, linguistic, and fine culinary ingredients with a dash of Norse Mythology. Members enjoy a good Norwegian fish dinner, an opportunity to speak or hear Norwegian, drink fine Aquavit, and hear a good joke or two. officers and various members dress in Viking attire.  That’s right; we have FUN!!! 

Sons of Norway - Norge Lodge

The Sons of Norway was organized as a fraternal benefit society by 18 Norwegian immigrants in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on January 16, 1895. The society offers cultural events and facilities, and general good works. Whether you're interested in Norwegian history, scenery, language or cuisine, Sons of Norway has a variety of resources to help you enjoy it all to the fullest. 


Daughters of Norway- Hulda Garborg Lodge

Daughters of Norway was founded in 1908, with the mission and purpose of the Daughters of Norway offers women a place to share their Scandinavian heritage. As members learn about Nordic traditions and contribute to the local communities. Members explore Scandinavian culture and history in a variety of programs, and workshops on traditional Scandinavian heritage, arts, and culture. The Daughters of Norway sisterhood in more than 1,600 members strong.