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16th Annual Vista Viking Festival

Will take place at Norway Hall Cultural Center, 2006 E. Vista Way, Vista Ca. 92084. Home to the Sons of Norway, Norge Lodge #6-060, and the Norwegian Fish Club Odin.

Living History Viking Village and Marketplace

A number of reenactment groups call Norway Hall their home, the Viking Territories. These Vikings maintain, improve, and enjoy their Viking Village the year around. Fro the festival Vikings and Norse-folk will set up camp, and will display traditional arts, crafts, skills, and home-ways. At the Weapons Range, visitors may try their hand at archery, spear and axe throwing. Dozens of vendors of unique goods are invited in to set up shop at the Viking Marketplace, offering Viking and Scandinavian goods of all kinds. From costumes to drinking horns , jewelry to authentic weaponry and gifts.

Music, Mayhem, and Mead

With two stages of Live Entertainment, there is almost always music in the air. All the way from Denmark,Viking-Folk-Rock band, Krauka, will rock with authentic hand made instruments. Internationally know local's Highland Way will rock Celtic Folk music, and beloved pub sing along songs. Acclaimed, The Fire , will ignite the stage with fiddle, bagpipe, a jig and a reel. The raucous Pirate-Folk-Metal band, the Dread Crew off Oddwood, whose founding members met at San Diego Comic-Con, will explode the stage. Southern CA Damekor Women's Ensemble bring their beautiful harmonies to authentic Scandinavian choral music, often sung in the original language. The Bawdy Juggler will command the Loki stage with his astonishing juggling skills and wicked wit, this uproarious PG comedy show never fails to amaze and embarrass.

The List-field will feature Viking Combat. Viking warriors will engage in fierce battle with axe and sword to delight of the crowd. These mighty reenactors will compete in one on one combat, or in a full melee. Experts on hand will also educate on Viking armor, weaponry and battle techniques.

Thee areas finest micro and craft brewers will be bringing their best to the festival. More than beer and ale, there will be a wide selection of the honey wines, Mead. Many of these Beers and Meads can be enjoyed at the Odin Bar and Beer Garden. Conveniently located next to the Odin Stage. The extremely popular Meet the Brewmasters event will take place in the Northern Beer garden. Brewers of Mead and Beer will be on hand to share their knowledge of the craft. Each will offer a special selection of their wares,as well as some made exclusively for the Vista Viking Festival.

Food and Family Fun

Unique foods will be available throughout the Village, Marketplace, and Norway Heritage Hall. There will be the ever popular Swedish Meatballs and Berserker Dogs, as well as specialties from the Baltic's There will be demonstration cooking of Scandinavian classics, Lefsa and Krumkake, and are available for purchase. More baked goods will be prepared at the authentic outdoor bakery. Bread, scones and other treats will be available “when they come out of the oven”.

Little Vikings will find many activities at the KidZone. There will be the modern bouncy house and face painting, as well as Viking crafts and Norse games. Children can paint their own sword and shield, participate in the Rune Quest scavenger game, and play the ancient game of Kubb.

Games and Competitions

Throw a dead fish and pitch a log. At the Famous Fish Fling and Log Toss competitions. A mighty Viking bellow is needed to win the Viking Battle Cry competition. The best facial hair, natural or knitted, may win the Viking Beard contest. There will be adult and child age classes. Saturday Night Only! At dusk, Odin himself will make the first throw for an evening of Flaming Axe's.

History and Culture

The Viking Village is an authentic Living History experience. Knowledgeable reenactors demonstrate the daily life of the Norsemen, and can explain how the are keeping the old ways alive, representing all aspects of village life. There will be Silversmiths, Blacksmiths, Weavers, Cooks, Woodcarvers, Carpenters, and Tradesmen. Norway Heritage Hall will exhibit Scandinavian culture and tradition since the Viking Age. Learn more about the history of Norway and Scandinavia, genealogical information, and cooking demonstrations. Members of the Daughters of Norway will have traditional Scandinavian hand crafted items, gifts and souvenirs.


Norway Hall Foundation

Norway Hall, is a cultural and social center, home of the Sons of Norway, Norge Lodge 6-060 since 1955. The Viking themed social club, Norwegian Fish Club Odin was founded there in 1995. Associates, The Daughters of Norway Hulda Garborg #49, and numerous Viking reenactment groups. Dedicated to promoting and preserving and sharing Scandinavian history and heritage, and adding cultural value to Vista and local communities. Norway Hall Foundation, is a Nonprofit California Corporation 501 (C) (3), California Non-Profit Entity# C0375686


Vista Viking Festival, Saturday Sept. 22, 10-8. Sunday Sept. 23 10-6. Tickets $10 for Adults. Kids 6-12 are $3. Five and Under, Free. Parking $5 all lots. For more info FB/Vista Viking Festival