Viking Festival Entertainment 2017

We have two stages of live music and entertainment that will take you back to the time of the Vikings. Featuring some of the areas best Celtic Folk & Rock groups. Featuring Highland WayThe FireVanaMazi, the Dread Crew of Oddwood, and Scandinavian folk music, with SoCal Damekor. For comic relief, The Bawdy Juggler will amaze and embarrass the crowd at the Loke Stage.


Highland Way on the Odin Stage

Saturday, 2:00–2:45, 4:00–4:45, 7:00–8:00

Sunday, 12:15–1:00, 2:23–3:15, 5:15–6:00

On our Odin Stage - They are back, and they are “Awesome, Awesome, and ... did I say Awesome?”* The most versatile Celtic Band around. Playing everything from High Energy Festivals to Performing Arts Theaters, from Scotland to California. With resounding vocals, harmonies, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, banjo, bodhran, percussion, bass, drums, Highland Way is ‘The Celtic Band’.  *David Palmatier - Friends of Oceanside Parks

The Dread Crew of Oddwood on the Loke Stage.

Saturday, 1:30–2:15, 4:15–5:00, 7:15–8:00 Sunday, 12:45–1:30, 3:30–4:15

Storming the Loki Stage - Folk Metal band The Dread Crew of Oddwood make a triumphant return, with their Heavy Mahogany sound. Loud and relentless. With infectious rhythms, and raucous lyrics. They banded together at San Diego Comic-Con a decade ago. Since then, this San Diego Pirate-Crew has produced four albums, and played at festivals and concerts all over the country. Turning Pirate Rock up to 11!

The Fire - Odin Stage

Saturday, 1:00–1:45, 3:00–3:45, 5:00–5:45

Sunday, 11:00–11:45, 1:15–2:00, 3:30–4:15

Internationally acclaimed The Fire is a high energy pure-drop Scottish music band, with world class fiddling, virtuosic bag-piping with lively accompaniment on guitar, bodhran, and tin-whistle. These charismatic performers will leave you on your feet with your hands together. "A masterful blend of subtle fiddling and hard-driving piping" - Kithfolk Roots Music Magazine


Adam Reid - The Bawdy Juggler - Loke Stage

Saturday, 11:45–12:15, 5:15–5:45

Sunday, 2:00–2:30, 4:15 4:45

The Bawdy Juggler commands the Loki Stage. He does so with sly charm, and a wicked wit, to make the god of mischief proud. His show has balls. Because he's a juggler... 

VaNa MaZi - Loke Stage

Saturday, 12:30–1:15, 2:30–3:15, 6:15–7:00

Sunday, 12:00–12:45, 2:30–3:15, 5:15–6:00

Folk Rock band, VaNa Mazi fuse American rock, with the music from lands that Vikings were known to visit. The Balkans, Italy, and Central Asia. One fan said “Dripping with talent, charm, and charisma, one does not merely “attend” a VaNa MaZi show – one participates.” 

Southern CA Damekor - Loke Stage

Saturday, 11:00– 1:45 Sunday, 11:00–11:30

The Damekor (Norwegian for “Women’s Choir”) is a Scandinavian Women's Chorus A-cappella. With a bit of flute, cello, and harp, on occasion. Featuring music related to Scandinavia and music from many countries the Vikings visited on their "World Tour."  I so enjoyed your performance at Daughters of Norway Convention, San Francisco. Thank you for sharing your many talents with all of us! ‎Debbie Dustin Dodd.