vikings all year long

Every fall, we open our gates to the public, for our Vista Viking Festival. But we are active in community events year around.

Vista Christmas Parade December 1st 2018

The Viking Yule, Winter Solstice,  was a cause for celebration for our Scandinavian ancestors. Their Midwinter Feast lasted twelve days. So, the the twelve days of Christmas. We celebrate by marching in this community parade.


North County St. Patrick's Day Parade and Festival - On Hiatus 2018

Vikings in Ireland? Yes indeed. The city of Dublin was founded by the Norsemen as a trading outpost. Scandinavian and Irish history and culture have been intertwined ever since. We march to celebrate our Irish cousins, and our shared Celtic Culture.

Walk MS - Carlsbad, April 28th 2019

Since 2007 we have marched in the National Multiple Sclerosis Walk MS.  Under the banner of Norwegian Fish Club Odin Walk MS Team, we raise money and awareness. The mission, to end MS forever. MS is a disease that disproportionately affects persons of Scandinavian descent.